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AJ Hoffman and Steve Fezzik Predict Betting Lines for NFL Week 1 Games

Photo: Timothy T Ludwig

On today’s “Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell,” AJ Hoffman and Steve Fezzik look ahead to the release of the upcoming 2022 NFL schedule. With some Week 1 games already being leaked to the public, AJ and Steve draw up their predictions for what the opening lines will be on each game.

AJ Hoffman: “The Bills and Rams will be the opening game of the NFL season. Rams coming off a Super Bowl Championship will celebrate that win on opening night at home against Buffalo. What is the opening line of this game?”
Steve Fezzik: “The number is Rams -1. Easy number to make because the Bills are the best team in the NFL, and the Rams are a top 5 team. Not a huge separation, but the Rams have home field advantage, granted not by much, but just enough to give them the edge at -1”