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Chris Broussard and Rob Parker React to the 2022 NFL Schedule Release

Photo: Mitchell Leff

Chris Broussard: “I think there are two teams that don’t belong on primetime this year: Philadelphia and New England. The only reason New England is there is because of Belichick, and as far as the Eagles, they’ve added AJ Brown, they had a good draft, but they still aren’t that great of a team.”
Rob Parker: “I agree with you. The Eagles just haven’t moved the needle enough for me to care about watching them in a primetime slot.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the 2022 NFL schedule release, and debate which primetime games are lackluster, and what games are must watch TV. Chris and Rob highlight the Eagles and Patriots game as the most underwhelming primetime game of the upcoming season.