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Draymond Was Dancing on the Grizzlies’ Grave

Photo: Andy Lyons

The Memphis Grizzlies ran the Golden State Warriors out of the gym last night as they try to get back into the series and, strangely, Warriors F Draymond Green was dancing along with the Grizzlies’ fans as they celebrated. Green addressed his dancing in his postgame news conference by giving mad respect to the energy in the arena, but he made it clear he thinks that was the last time those fans will see their team at home this postseason.

Dan Patrick: “Shouldn’t Draymond be bummed out or something here? It almost felt like Draymond’s saying, ‘Hey, I don’t blame ya, you guys should celebrate but the series is over when it goes back to Golden State.’ Just, ‘Sorry, I just want to let you guys know. Yah, whoop it up! C’mon, have a great time! Aaaand this’ll be the last time you see your team...’”