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James Harden Is a Lost Cause

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

The Philadelphia 76ers were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs last night and James Harden did not score a single point and only had two shot attempts in the second half. Dan details the Sixers personnel missteps in the past few years that have led to another early exit. He warns them not throw good money after bad by retaining Harden’s services since he has become unreliable and has never enjoyed any real success in the playoffs. After all, he scored as many points in the second half as the man he was traded for, Ben Simmons.

Dan Patrick: “I can’t go onto the floor with a guy that I’m spending that kind of money on and I’m just not sure what I’m getting when I go onto the floor. Like, Kyrie (Irving) I know when he gets on the floor what I’m getting. The question is will he be on the floor? Harden gets on the floor and, I don’t (know), is he going to give you 32 or he going to give you 12? And I’m not sure. And I’m watching last night, and it used to be you would always know James had it, James was going to force it, and he was going to get you in foul trouble, he was going to shoot free-throws, he was going to knock down threes, but this is different in the playoffs. So, you compound that with a guy that you’re not quite sure what you’re getting, and then you put this lack of success in the playoffs, and then you end up with an egg last night. He scored as many points in the second half as Ben Simmons did.”