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James Harden is the Most Disliked Player in NBA History

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Six

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer:  “I think James Harden is the most disliked player in NBA history. There’s this bit of reminiscing of players in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but it’s a healthy hate because they’re beating you and they’re your rivals. There’s no reason to dislike Harden because he’s knocking your team out. In fact he’s not beating your team, so there wouldn’t even be a reason to dislike him for that. It’s how he goes about everything. It’s about blaming it on the 76ers’ offense not getting the ball to him. It’s him burning the bridges in Brooklyn and Houston. There’s so little to like about the attitude and the style of play that I think he’s the most disliked player in NBA history!”

With Dan Beyer & Aaron Torres filling in for Doug Gottlieb, the guys discuss another disappointing end of the NBA season for 76ers G James Harden. With another early exit from the playoffs yet again for the 76ers superstar, Dan believes Harden’s fan base has slowly diminished due to his style of play and attitude. He burned both the bridges of fans and NBA players alike, and while there was a healthy type of hatred among fans for NBA players in the '80s and '90s, Beyer says that Harden is legitimately the most disliked player in NBA history!