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Luka Dončić Comparisons to Larry Bird Are More than Skin Deep

Photo: Christian Petersen

The Dallas Mavericks advanced to the Western Conference Finals on the back of NBA MVP Luka Dončić and the comparisons to Larry Bird are obvious. While the fact that they are both white men excelling in a sport long dominated by black players is part of it, there are many other similarities that bear remarking upon. Doug breaks down all the reasons why comparing them goes far beyond their skin color.

Doug Gottlieb: “The ability to make every pass, to feel like you could make every shot, to do so without being fleet of foot, to do so with kind of a cockiness, arrogance, but confidence that is infallible, to raise your team, whatever team you’re on, to greater heights that previously discovered; that was Larry Bird! That’s Luka Dončić.”