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Malik Willis is a Real Threat to Ryan Tannehill This Season

NFL Combine

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Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Mike Vrabel and Malik Willis defend Ryan Tannehill who's getting heat for sharing his disinterest in mentoring the rookie QB. Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington see value in keeping friends close and "enemies" closer, but the reality is Willis has a legit shot at challenging him for the starting job by year's end, so the veteran shouldn't be hated on for focusing on the difficult schedule facing the Titans.

Jonas Knox: "Is there any threat from Malik Willis this year? Why did he fall so far in the draft?" 
Brady Quinn: "None of it matters as far as the draft. The only thing that matters now is how Ryan Tannehill plays... If he doesn't get off to as hot of a start, you might hear some fans pressuring for Malik Willis regardless of where he was drafted."
LaVar Arrington: "You may get Malik Willis in there long before the end of the season, giving him the opportunity get some impactful reps that could possibly give him, the coaching staff and his teammates the confidence of going into the playoffs with that type of player and position. That exists and Tannehill showed it by responding the way that he did... No personal harm, no foul. You don't need to hate Tannehill because he doesn't want to mentor the guy. He said what he felt and he said what a lot of guys think. 'I'm not going to prepare a dude to come take my job. I might show him something, he might do it better than I can, and that could be the difference. I'm not in the business of doing that.'"