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Matt Rhule Put David Tepper on Notice

Philadelphia Eagles v Carolina Panthers

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On Monday's 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington applaud Panthers HC Matt Rhule for subtly putting Owner David Tepper on notice after reports emerged that Carolina was eying Sean Payton as Rhule's eventual replacement.

Brady Quinn: "What I liked most about what Matt Rhule did is he very succinctly put out the three things that I think stood out. And the first is just sitting there talking about hey, 'David Tepper is not the type of guy to talk to another coach.' It's like a warning shot across the bow. When the head coach comes out and makes that statement, now the reporters are put on notice. Like, if David Tepper was to do that, and that might be something that's okay in the business world from his background, but not okay in NFL circles, than that's a no-no. People now are on the lookout for it. 
The other thing is he said the five years. Well, we're into year three, so what's David Tepper gonna do now? Cause he's gonna have to answer to that if he moves on from Matt Rhule or if he keeps him.
And then the last thing is, just basically saying it came straight from David Tepper's mouth. So now every time David Tepper has to go to the media, he has to be more cognizant about what he's saying, because now he's got a head coach who's drawn a line and said, 'Whatever our private conversations are, they're no longer private, because I will out your ass and I'll put it out there in public, where you have to answer to the media.'"
LaVar Arrington: "Subtly though. He defended David Tepper and basically gave him a vote of confidence that he's not that type of dude. Sometimes it takes somebody drawing attention to a situation where you could have exercised a little bit more character in what you did, and you backpedal out of there and you make good on it. I thought it was excellent."