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Drew Brees is Upset About His Place on the Totem Pole


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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the guys find it weird how Drew Brees is handling his post-playing career, and madness ensues as LaVar Arrington makes the analogy that Drew Brees is upset about his placement on the totem pole when it comes to his legacy and broadcasting career. Try your best to follow along!

Jonas Knox: "His handling of all this is so weird. He can't accept the fact that maybe he's not the best at something anymore. He's really struggling with it which I understand, but the whole acting out and Twitter passive aggressiveness, it's weird for a first ballot Hall of Famer."
LaVar Arrington: "Maybe he's acting out because that's what he's used to feeling. There's the levels of the totem pole. Follow me on this. He can be the bottom of the top of the totem pole."
Brady Quinn: "Bottom of the top?"
LaVar Arrington: "Yeahhhhh..."
Brady Quinn: "I don't see what you're saying. That makes no sense to me..."
LaVar Arrington: "He's just not as popular as he thinks he is and he acts out when it doesn't go the way that he would like for it to go. He's crying out for attention."
Brady Quinn: "I'll be honest. I'm going to be distracted the rest of the show. I'm gonna be looking at pictures of totem poles."
Jonas Knox: "I'll send you one."