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Brady Quinn Doubles Down on Bleak Prediction for Zach Wilson and the Jets

New York Jets v Tennessee Titans

Photo: Getty Images

Wednesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Brady Quinn defends his take on the Jets that has gone viral since Tuesday. When looking at the 2022 schedule, it's not hard for Brady to see New York losing 4 straight to the AFC North to start the season, and continuing to struggle until their week 10 bye week, which is why Brady has them at 1-8 to start the season.

Brady Quinn: "Even though I believe the Jets roster is vast improved and I do think Zack Wilson will be better than what he was his rookie season, they have a ridiculous schedule. They play the entire AFC North their first four games... And then their most winnable game is probably the Dolphins... But then look after that. They go back to back weeks on the road to Green Bay and Denver and then you have the Bills, the Patriots.
Like seriously, you guys tell me, is it is it more likely they go 0-9, or 9-0? And realistically how many of those games are they gonna be favored?
Jonas Knox: "Even at Cleveland [if it's] with Jacoby Brissett, the Jets aren't winning that game. They're gonna be 0-9 by their bye week. Nothing you said was off base.
Brady Quinn: "It is a scenario that Jets fans should know better than anyone because of the misery that they've gone through over the past 12 years since the last time they went to the playoffs in 2010... It's just painting a realistic picture of why I think hey they're probably going to be a 5-12 team."

And if all that plays out as predicted, Brady's next bold prediction about the Jets moving on from Zach Wilson after only 2 seasons, is more logical than far fetched.