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Jimmy Butler Dials It Up Again In The Postseason

Photo: Michael Reaves

Jimmy Butler dominated Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals with 41 points, leading his Miami Heat to victory and Dan isn’t surprised. He seems to do this every season, and the future Hall of Famer belongs in the same breath as guys like Rajon Rondo and Tim Duncan, who famously elevated their production in the playoffs. He may be the most underrated superstar playing in the NBA today.

Dan Patrick: “It feels like every year at least one time we say the following, ‘Man, that Jimmy Butler is really good in the postseason,’ right? We always bring it up. We don’t mention his name until May and then he has a game, and we go, ‘Gosh, he’s really good,’ or, ‘He really cares!’ He’s fun to watch, he’s intense and you need to have that. There are certain players that they just dial it up, and they dial it up when you need them the most.”