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Las Vegas' Reevaluation of the Miami Heat

The Vegas Tables Have Turned On the Eastern Conference Finals

Photo: Michael Reaves

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and AJ Hoffman praise Jimmy Butler's dominant game 1 performance in the Eastern Conference Finals for the Miami Heat. But looking ahead to game 2, and the line adjustment, RJ suggests that there has been a reevaluation from a betting standpoint in Vegas after Miami's impressive win.

RJ Bell: "So, this line for game 2 should be -3 right now if there hasn't been a reevaluation of how good Miami is relative to Boston."
AJ Hoffman: "The current line is -3.5..."
RJ Bell: So, what they're saying is Miami is 1/2 a point better than what we'd think they'd be odds wise, which tells me that there has been a reevaluation of Miami, an upgrade of Miami relative to Boston, and I think it's justified...."

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