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“Greatest Defender of All-Time” Should Have Been Guarding Luka Doncic

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

The Golden State Warriors took Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals thanks in part to a tremendous defensive effort by Andrew Wiggins in shutting down Dallas Mavericks superstar and NBA MVP, Luka Doncic. Dan gives Wiggins kudos but wonders, since Draymond Green is the self-proclaimed, “greatest defender of all-time,” shouldn’t he have been guarding the best player on the Mavs? While Dan agrees Green is on the shortlist, he’s not close to being the best ever.

Dan Patrick: “I know Draymond Green is a decorated defensive player, I think he won the award three times, but when you say you’re the greatest defensive player of all-time and you don’t even guard Luka in this series, ehhh, I got some doubts about that. You’re the greatest defensive player of all-time, ‘Hey Andrew, can you guard Luka?’ I have a problem with that. You’re not the greatest defensive player of all-time.”