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Nick Saban Calling Out Jimbo Fisher Got Him What He Wanted

Photo: Bob Levey

A war of words has erupted between Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban, and Texas A&M Head Coach, Jimbo Fisher. After Saban called out A&M’s liberal use of the new NIL rules and implied there was something nefarious going on, Fisher fired back with a vengeance. Doug thinks Saban knows exactly what he’s doing. Listen in to hear his theory on how Alabama will use these new NIL and transfer portal rules to continue to dominate college football.

Doug Gottlieb: “I don’t think Saban, in any way, is flustered or frustrated. He knows how this thing is going to play out and work. He’s going to use the transfer portal and...He can just cherry pick. And whoever the best of the best are, we allow you to vet them for us and then you send them to us...Nick Saban’s always going to get his way. He knows what he’s doing, and it does feel like calling out (Texas) A&M got him everything he wanted.”