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2022 NBA Playoffs Lacking Great Teams?

Photo: Harry How

Dan Beyer: "If there were great teams in the NBA playoffs, Golden State would be worried. But there aren't. A great team would beat them, because the Warriors are only a good team. There are no great teams left, only 4 good teams."
George Wrighster: "Stop! How on Earth are you going to say there are no great teams left? The Phoenix Suns were the best team in the NBA in the regular season. In the NBA, the best teams win the series. This is not true in any other sport on the level that it is true in the NBA. You have the top-2 seeds remaining in the Eastern Conference. How could you say they're not great teams when they're the top-2 teams in the conference? These are great teams, and the thing that makes the playoffs so much more intriguing is that there are no superteams in these playoffs right now."

Dan Beyer and George Wrighster debate the competitive state of the NBA playoffs. Dan explains why he believes none of the 4 remaining teams quality as "great" teams, giving us a terrible postseason to watch. However, George disagrees with Dan and breaks down why he sees all of the remaining teams as great.