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Cardinals Season Already Cursed Thanks to 'Hard Knocks In Season'

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images

Even though the Cardinals have a habit of getting off to a hot start, this year they'll be featured on 'Hard Knock In Season' which Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn believe is a recipe for disaster when paired with Deandre Hopkins' suspension and Kyler Murray skipping OTA's in an attempt to force a long-term contract extension.

Brady Quinn: "If you're going into a pivotal fourth year, wouldn't you think being there around your teammates and training with them and trying to make sure everything is as good as it needs to be is the most important thing... I just feel like as a quarterback, as a leader, it's a bad look... But then you factor in Hard Knocks as well, I'm sure there's gonna be some frustration that displays itself over the course of the season."