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Rob Parker: This Is The Worst NBA Playoffs I Can Remember

Rob Parker: “It was the worst regular season I could remember, and this is the worst playoffs I can remember!  I don’t care what the TV ratings are. Maybe it’s background noise! Maybe people just have nothing else to do, but they can’t be enjoying this, Chris!”
Chris Broussard: “I think the storylines drive people to be interested in the ongoing drama, which is the NBA season. Each individual game might not be that great, but the storylines surrounding the games are still there and they’re still great, and the NBA has made its bed like this!”

Today on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, the guys discuss how underwhelming this season’s NBA Playoffs have been so far. There have been 20+ games of blowouts, and Rob reiterates that this regular season and playoffs so far have been bad and there’s no way NBA fans can be enjoying any of the games.