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The Heat Threw in the Towel

Photo: Elsa

The Boston Celtics evened their series against the Miami Heat at two games apiece as they cruised to a blowout win last night at home. It was so lopsided that Heat Head Coach, Erik Spoelstra sat his starters in the 4th quarter after they had only managed to score a combined total of 18 points in the game. While it may be understandable during the regular season, Dan questions whether it is appropriate to use load management during the playoffs when every game matters.

Dan Patrick: “I understand the strategy. Gregg Popovich used to do this all the time. He’d go, ‘C’mon guys, sit down.’ Wait, we want to see the stars play! ‘Well, it’s February, I don’t care. We’re sitting down. We lost.’ All right...playoffs though? It felt like you got to at least give it a shot there.”