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Dale Earnhardt Jr.: NASCAR Is Going Outside Its Lane

Photo: Meg Oliphant

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show ahead of this weekend’s Indy 500. They spend some time talking about the resurgence of F1 racing and what NASCAR can learn from other racing series. He thinks it’s good to see NASCAR bucking traditions and thinking outside the box. He talks about how much he relies on his vision when driving. And he details his mended relationship with Danica Patrick (no relation to Dan) ahead of sharing a broadcast booth with her on Sunday.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: “Everybody’s having to think outside the box. You know, NASCAR went to the Coliseum to race, I never thought I’d see that over in L.A. I think the pandemic has really made everybody open up to anything is possible, and we shouldn’t be really kind of stuck to our traditions and what we think is our lane, right. We can really kind of, let’s go outside our lane a little bit and do some things people thought we’d never do, and we’re starting to see that a little bit with NASCAR especially.”