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Jason Whitlock: “Gabe Kapler's Anthem Protest is Strictly Brand Building"

Jason Whitlock: “(Kapler’s) decision is all brand building, just like Colin Kaepernick. It’s a classic case of playing the victim. Hat’s off to him because he will build a brand out of this, and is now considered heroic for taking a strong stance against America. But I would love to have a conversation with Kapler about the history of America, the founding principles, the 2nd Amendment and why they put that in there and why it’s necessary. He doesn’t know any of that, but knows that being against the 2nd Amendment is very popular right now on social media. So, he’s fallen in line. It’s stupid. People don’t appreciate the freedom we have in this country and they have no idea what guarantees it... which is the 2nd Amendment.”

Friday on The Doug Gottlieb Show, Jason Whitlock, host of the Fearless podcast, joined Doug to discuss White Sox SS Tim Anderson playing victim to Yankees 3B Josh Donaldson’s Jackie Robinson comment, Giants Manager Gabe Kapler announcing he will not be on the field for the National Anthem in response to gun violence and how society has discouraged masculinity.