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Home-Court Advantage Is Diminishing In NBA Playoffs

Golden State Warriors Betting Favorite for Game 1

Photo: Getty Images North America

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and AJ Hoffman look ahead to Thursday's betting line for game 1 of the NBA Finals. Plus, RJ makes a compelling argument regarding home-court advantage in the NBA because in his mind, that advantage has diminished significantly during the playoffs.

AJ Hoffman: "For game 1, Thursday night, the Warriors hosting the Celtics are at -3.5 point favorites."
RJ Bell: "-3.5 in game 1 is saying Golden State is clearly better. You can say it's only a half point, but I'm saying home court, I count it at -3. We just saw Boston, and they have a good home, but they lose multiple games at home and they go and win multiple games in Miami. The sense of home court is diminishing. I would not have been shocked if this line opened at -2.5..."

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