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Lakers Hire Darvin Ham Under the Radar

Photo: Jared C. Tilton

The word came down late Friday afternoon that the Lakers were hiring Darvin Ham as their new head coach and Dan wonders about the timing of the announcement. It’s possible that the information was leaked but Dan thinks it’s more likely the Lakers wanted to take advantage of the long holiday weekend to keep it out of the news cycle. Dan takes a few minutes to break down the mess Ham has inherited in Los Angeles, a mess that the Lakers clearly don’t want anybody talking about.

Dan Patrick: “If you’re going to hide the fact that you hired a new head coach, like, you did a really good job. Friday, usually a news dump, now you have a weekend, a longer weekend and I thought; maybe they wanted to keep it under wraps, but Woj (Adrian Wojnarowski) broke the story. But LeBron (James) is all excited.”