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Jason Smith: The Celtics' Youth Will Make The Warriors Look Old

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Jason Smith: “I see a lesser version of when the Pistons beat the Lakers in 2004 where the Lakers looked like they got old overnight. As the series goes on, Boston’s youth is able to do what they need to do defensively and make the Warriors look old.”
Ryan Hollins: “I think Golden State in 6. I don’t think they’re the same powerhouse, and they know they have to win on the defensive end. I don’t think the Celtics are consistent enough to beat the Warriors for more than two games.”

On today’s episode of The Jason Smith Show, Jason and Ryan Hollins preview game 1 of the NBA Finals. Jason is sticking with his Celtics in 6 pick, and compares this series to when the Pistons beat the Lakers in 2004, as Boston’s youth will make Golden State look old. Hollins knows the Warriors have to win on the defensive end, and if this happens, this will be the Warriors last championship before their dynasty ends.