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Saudi LIV Tour May Make PGA Tour Better

Photo: Gregory Shamus

The Saudi Arabian backed LIV Golf Tour announced the field for its inaugural LIV Golf Invitational to be held in London and there are some notable names including 2x major champion, Dustin Johnson. Dan has officially put the PGA Tour on an Amber Alert, imploring them to make some adjustments before they lose more players. Hopefully the increased options for professional golfers results in improvements to the way the PGA Tour runs its business.

Dan Patrick: “Maybe this makes the PGA Tour better. Maybe the PGA Tour reacts in a way that makes it better. Bigger purses, whatever it might be. But now you got to be in Amber Alert, just a little bit here. You got to be aware of what’s going on, the money that’s there, and there’s always going to be money there. Now the question is: who’s going to go?”