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SEC Should Want the 9-Game Model

SEC Championship - Missouri v Auburn

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Wednesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, the SEC is considering an 8 vs. 9 conference game model, and Brady Quinn explains why because of the money, they should go to 9 games. Also, if the SEC is truly the best conference, it won't hurt their chances of making the College Football Playoff and they'll likely get 1 if not 2 teams in because they'll play against less cupcakes and have better Strength of Schedule. Plus, think about the rivalries; Texas vs. OKLA and A&M every year? That would be incredible for College Football and the only downside is for the lower tier SEC teams trying to reach Bowl eligibility, which no longer holds the prestige it once did.

Brady Quinn: "To me it is such an easy discussion for most schools in the SEC to say look, 'We could play an additional conference game, and we're gonna make more money on our TV deal, so you guys get even more money. Because just so you all know, all the coaches sitting in this room, we got two extra teams coming in our conference. Oklahoma and Texas. Not sure if you realize this, but when you go from 14 teams to 16 teams, it's gonna cut down on how much revenue we're getting because now we're all sharing this. It will go up to a degree because we've gotten bigger inventory, bigger brands, but still if we have nine conference games with this big of a conference, it makes complete sense. And we can still keep those rivalries intact by playing nine games where you get three games that are the same every single year.' So, it seems like a slam dunk and to me it'd be another step for the SEC putting itself in position for being the best conference."