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Kyler Murray Has The Cardinals Over A Barrel

Photo: Emilee Chinn

Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray unexpectedly showed up at their OTAs yesterday despite his demands for a new contract. While it’s good for the Cardinals, who welcomed him with open arms, it begs the question of his future with the organization. If they don’t compensate him now and he has an MVP type season, it will cost them a lot more than he’s currently asking. But if they pay him now and he doesn’t improve, they will be saddled with a huge contract and a lame duck QB. Dan draws the obvious parallel to Dak Prescott’s recent contract negotiations with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Dan Patrick: “You have to decide, do you think he’s going to be great? He’s going to cost you more money next year. If you don’t extend him this year and he plays great next year, now it costs you more money. But look at the Cowboys. Dak Prescott. They bet against Dak Prescott...probably cost them $50M more.”