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Myles Garrett Commenting on Deshaun Watson Signals the Demise of the Browns

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns

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Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Browns All-Pro DE Myles Garrett was asked about the character of Deshaun Watson and how it affects the locker room. Garrett seemingly navigated the question perfectly but Jonas, Brady and LaVar explain how this is already a sign of disaster in Cleveland, rather than a step in the right direction.

LaVar Arrington: "The biggest issue here is not Myles Garrett trying to navigate that question. The biggest issue is the amount of scrutiny, the amount of exposure, the amount of twists and spins that will create a ton of noise and confusion within that locker room. And no coach wants to deal with that. Are you going to get tired of answering the same questions about the same person every single week? And it's not just because he's the quarterback, it's because of everything that is associated and attached to him."
Brady Quinn: "Myles Garrett, you can make this case, is grossly underpaid in comparison to what the Browns gave Deshaun Watson. If I was Myles Garrett and I had to field questions about some guy orchestrating this whole social media fetish, whatever you want to call it, I would be frustrated with my organization. I really would be given that he has been the one consistent stable piece since he was drafted."
Jonas Knox: "We haven't even reached the point to where the media is going to have access to and ask questions on a daily basis to everybody involved at training camp. This whole thing is going to be a disaster for everybody... Do you think it's more likely they win a Super Bowl because of adding Deshaun Watson or derailed the franchise because of adding Deshaun Watson?"
LaVar Arrington: "This can be the demise of a team that seemingly was going in the right direction and you paid to derail it basically."
Brady Quinn: "I feel like the contract, everything else that could come to the forefront of all of that, and just the fact that he hasn't played in a couple years and they don't necessarily know what they're going to be getting, I think all of that could equate to an absolute disaster."