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Cooper Kupp: I expect Aaron Donald to Be Back

Photo: Michael Owens

Super Bowl LVI MVP and NFL Offensive Player of the Year, Rams WR Cooper Kupp joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He says his love of football started the first time he walked on a field and has never stopped. They chat about trash talk on the field and the secret to good route running. He takes us inside the huddle during their Super Bowl game-winning drive. And he is very clear that he fully expects Aaron Donald to be back helping them defend their title.

Dan Patrick: “Do you expect Aaron Donald to be your teammate this year?”

Cooper Kupp: “Yeah, no, I do...”

Dan: “You planning on it?”

Cooper: “I expect him to be back. He’s so good, it’s hard to imagine him not being back here with us, you know, going out there and trying to achieve winning a Super Bowl again.”