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Baker Mayfield is in Position to Play the Hero

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns

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Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington believe a suspension is looming for Deshaun Watson which would present an opportunity for Baker Mayfield to start week 1 for Cleveland and potentially play the hero.

Jonas Knox: "Let's say [Watson] gets suspended the whole season, right. The NFL lays the hammer down, says bad look, we got to make a statement, suspend him the whole season. I know this is far fetched and probably not a real possibility, but Baker Mayfield could end up being the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns again. Baker Mayfield is playing for a big contract, another opportunity to try and get a contract extension, is Cleveland not the best roster available for him at this point amongst all the other rumored teams out there?"
LaVar Arrington: "If they get out of the gate slow, if you lose to a Carolina, if you lose early on in the season, then you you start to have a conversation of can we bring Baker Mayfield back into the fold and see if we can get some wins and get some games out of Baker."
Brady Quinn: "Here's why that scenario to me is not going to play out, because we're gonna get the punishment for Deshaun Watson I believe in the next month. So then you have literally July into August to figure out what you're going to do and that clarity should give way to either a Baker Mayfield trade, Baker Mayfield release, or maybe they do end up keeping him there, but it just seems like you'd want to move on. And you'd want to prepare a guy who's actually going to be there for the long run, either as a backup behind Deshaun Watson, or just as a part of your organization starting for a number of games this season."
Jonas Knox: "The NFL will make their decision on Deshaun Watson this week and that decision will be he's suspended for the entire season."
Brady Quinn: "That's gonna pick up a lot of headlines. That will fire up Drew Brees fans."
LaVar Arrington: "Maybe Drew Brees will end up in Cleveland. He's threatening to come back."
Brady Quinn: "There you go."