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Why Is Draymond Green Getting Preferential Treatment?

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Warriors F Draymond Green got tangled up with Jaylen Brown during last night’s NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 2 with a minor wrestling match ensuing as they attempted to disengage. Dan thinks it clearly should have been called a double-technical, yet no technical fouls were called apparently because Draymond Green already had one technical foul and would have been ejected. While Dan is aware that some guys get preferential treatment by NBA referees, he doesn’t understand how Green got on that list.

Dan Patrick: “Steve Javie, the former official who works for ABC/ESPN, he came in and said, ‘You know, you got to be aware of who’s got one technical...’ Why? That’s not fair to the Boston Celtics! If that was Jordan Poole, what happens? If that was (Andrew) Wiggins, what happens? If that was (Kevon) Looney, what happens? Gone! Preferential treatment. I know basketball has been littered with preferential treatment. Draymond Green doesn’t earn preferential treatment!”