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Jason Smith: Broncos Sale is Cheap Compared to Cost for "Big Market Teams"

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Jason Smith: “The Broncos have just been sold for $4.65 billion dollars, which is the highest selling of any sports franchise. Now, this tells us one thing, if the Broncos are worth 4.6 billion, teams like the Cowboys, Giants, Knicks, Lakers and the Yankees would sell for north of 10 billion dollars. It wouldn’t even be close.... You know we talk about making “F them picks” offers for players, what if one of these billionaires made an “f that money offer” for a sports franchise. You’d think the Lakers would never sell, but someone like Jeff Bezos could offer $25 billion, and you’re telling me the Buss family wouldn’t take that?”
Mike Harmon: “You have no idea what’s being unleashed behind closed doors, especially since these are assets that don’t come up into a marketplace. You can’t just walk into a store and say, ‘One NBA team, please.’ Right now we’re in a weird space where some teams could be forced to sell, so we’re talking about seeing the value of these teams go to a whole other level.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the Broncos selling for $4.65 Billion dollars. With the Broncos being priced at that high number, Jason feels premium franchises like the Yankees, Knicks Lakers and Giants are now set at an astronomical value. Listen to the full segment and hear for yourself!