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Money Talks, Golfers Walk


News broke overnight that two-time Major winner, Dustin Johnson has committed to playing in the Saudi backed LIV Golf Tour, for a whopping $150M. The sport of golf is at a crossroads and this new tour has some deep pockets and they have poached some other high-profile golfers by throwing obscene amounts of money at them, including Phil Mickelson for $200M. And Dan has been advised that Tiger Woods was offered nearly $1B. It begs the question of how much money it would take to lure guys like Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth, and does the PGA Tour need to raise their prize money?

Dan Patrick: “Money talks, golfers walk...Everybody’s going to take inventory here. Less work, so I can make more money with less work. Now, what’s the PGA Tour do? Do they raise prize money here? And I was told Tiger probably could have made a billion dollars...Dustin Johnson wants to make money, go play, good for him. Is the Tour going to miss him? No. They’d miss his wife more than they’d miss him, but if he wants to go play, good for him; if he wants to make the money, good for him. His conscience says, ‘I’m OK with this;’ go ahead. Now the PGA Tour’s got to find what’s best for business because if we ban these players, now they don’t get to play. Now we don’t get to see them play in these events. I don’t know how that can help the PGA Tour and the Majors. You would miss Rory (McIlroy), and (Jordan) Spieth, and Justin Thomas, John Rahm. Do they have a price tag? Dustin Johnson didn’t have a price tag in February...”