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Lefty Refuses to Speak about Rift with PGA Tour


Phil Mickelson spoke to the media and while he made two things perfectly clear (he’s playing on the LIV Tour AND in the U.S. Open), he remained uncharacteristically mum about any discipline he may or may not have received from the PGA Tour. His motivation to join the LIV Tour seems obvious, although he claims to have a handle on his gambling addiction, but Dan believes there may have been some uncomfortable conversations with the PGA that neither side is ready to admit.

Dan Patrick: “It feels like the PGA Tour said something to Phil, because he didn’t want to talk about it...You know, Phil’s usually got a lot of things to say, it’s rare when he doesn’t want to say something. But I think the PGA Tour probably said to Phil, ‘We think it’s best that you don’t play in this.’”