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Draymond Green Needs to Remember to Play Basketball

Photo: Elsa

These NBA Finals have had a heavy focus on Draymond Green and his outspoken image. Dan thinks Draymond is buying into his own hype despite his less than average performance so far. He’s putting up unremarkable numbers and the Celtics certainly have no fear of his currently pedestrian game.

Dan Patrick: “Draymond Green has to realize, and I’m sure he does today, you know, you still have to play felt like or feels like Draymond Green is buying into the ‘Draymond Green’ image that he’s sort of cultivated here. It’s been covered a lot. And I said this earlier in the year, when is the last time you said ‘Oh, did you see the numbers that Draymond put up?’ Right? Very rare...They’re not afraid of Draymond Green!”