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Adam Sandler Talks New Film "Hustle"

Photo: Kevin Winter

Dan Patrick: "How did you find out that Anthony Edwards can act?"
Adam Sandler: "My man Juancho (Hernangomez), those guys were teammates, called Jeremiah (Zagar) who directed the movie, and said 'I think my teammate might want to play Kermit, the bad guy in the movie.' We all talked about it, and I said "Anthony Edwards, that guy is incredible.' I knew he was already funny, just from seeing him being interviewed, everything he says makes you laugh. That was it. Those two just felt so relaxed together. You can say 'try this, try that.' It was stuff written, it was stuff where they would just go with what they say in that situation. They just felt loose together."

Adam Sandler joins Dan Patrick to discuss his new film "Hustle" on Netflix. Sandler breaks down what it was like to work with current NBA players, with Anthony Edwards becoming a revelation as an actor, and explains how LeBron James became involved with the film. Plus, Sandler gives a preview of what projects he will be working on next.