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Deshaun Watson’s Situation is Playing Out Exactly Like Trevor Bauer’s

Photo: Nick Cammett

Jason Smith: “Every time Deshaun Watson speaks, the situation just gets worse... The NFL can’t let him on the field, and this is heading toward an exact path as the Trevor Bauer situation. When it was being figured out, the Dodgers and commissioner sat him out, which extended into the offseason, spring training, this season and up until the MLB came down with a 2 year ban. When the NFL finally makes a move, this will be a multiple year ban for Watson, and he’ll have to apply to get back in. Deshaun may have played his last down of football for quite a long time.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon offer their opinions on Deshaun Watson’s comments to the media today. As far as Jason is concerned, Deshaun’s comments didn’t really absolve him of anything up to this point, and he feels the NFL is heading down a path similar to what the MLB did with Trevor Bauer.