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The Odd Couple Motivates Anthony Davis to Get Back In the Gym

Photo: Alex Goodlett

Chris Broussard: “The Lakers need to send me and Rob Parker a check if indeed we really did get AD’s butt back into the gym! We never said that it was bad, we just said ‘it looks bad.’ The optics around it doesn’t sit well. However credit to him, it seems like he responded to the criticism surrounding him, and he’s trying to improve his game with a guy who he hasn’t been in the gym with in over a year. I want AD to respond to us about him being a potential MVP candidate!”
Rob Parker: “The same thing happened last year when Charles Barkley made a comment about him being in street clothes. AD responded by walking out in full uniform during shoot around, and even though he limped out there, he made a statement by responding to the criticism.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Anthony Davis posting an Instagram photo of him in the gym working with someone to help improve his shot. Chris and Rob feel like they are somewhat responsible for “bullying” AD back into the gym, after he said he hasn’t put up a jump shot since the season ended.