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Coverage of the NBA is Pushing Fans Away

Monday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox applauds Draymond Green for speaking the truth about about "new media" versus the old. The reason Draymond and other players are received so well is because they actually talk about the game and teach rather than chasing and manufacturing controversy. Jonas explains the difference.

Jonas Knox: "Coverage of the NBA has pushed a lot of people away. That's just the facts... I can't stand the coverage of the NBA. It bothers me. It's always some fake topic or conversation. It's always some cheeseball topic: 'Mount Rushmore. Jordan versus LeBron. Is so-and-so clutch? What does this mean for their legacy?' It's all crap. It doesn't mean anything. It's manufactured garbage...
There's enough good stuff there to talk about that we should be okay with it, and if there's not, teach... Draymond Green is 100% correct. Why do we have to invent stuff to get angry about? Why do we have to take this? It's lame."