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Kyrie Irving Rumors Reek of Desperation

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Doug Gottlieb: "A blind man could have seen this one coming. The question is, where would Kyrie Irving go? The rumored two teams are the Lakers and the Knicks. What does that signify to me? When you're a guy that has a checkered past... When you're a guy that no one is sure if he wants to play... When you're a guy who is considered selfish in a selfless time... When you're a guy that has struggled to be available... you have to find a team that is desperate. Not everybody would take Kyrie, and he's an incredible talent, maybe the most talented guard in the league. I could have a really comfortable discussion in saying that he's probably more talented than Steph Curry. But I want you to think about this - Steph Curry had won an NBA Finals, won MVPs, and he did what only Tim Duncan has done before - he went out and recruited a player that who, at the time, people thought was better than him. Remember, Tim Duncan did it with LaMarcus Aldridge. Steph Curry was so selfless, that he wanted Kevin Durant, someone who is better, who can take as many or more shots, because it was about us, not about me. It would be fair to say that Kyrie did that with the Brooklyn Nets, but it wasn't his team, it wasn't established. By my estimation, the reason that the Knicks and the Lakers are the two options presented is because they're both teams that reek in desperation."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the rumors that Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets are at an impasse. Doug explains how he saw this dispute coming from miles away, and breaks down why the only way Kyrie can be moved is if another teams acts on desperation, giving reason to why the Knicks and Lakers are seen as rumored landing spots.