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Steph Curry’s Impact On Winning Qualifies Him For Top 10

Photo: Thearon W. Henderson

Chris Broussard: “Obviously, statistics, championships, and skill are important. But, as important as all the other intangibles are, one of the big factors is impact on winning. That’s how you can compare guys to different positions and skillsets. That’s how I put Steph Curry in the top-10.”

Chris Broussard and Ephraim Salaam discuss Steph Curry’s legacy after winning a Finals MVP and a 4th championship. It’s already a great thing for one’s legacy if you are mentioned as a top 10-15 NBA player, but Broussard has him ranked in that top-10 list! Stats and championships are a big part of being labeled as a top-10 player, but impact on winning has a lot do with it also!