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Brooks Koepka is the Latest Star to Leave the PGA Tour for LIV Golf

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington react to the Breaking News that 4-Time Major winner Brooks Koepka is leaving the PGA Tour for the LIV Golf Series.

Brady Quinn: "You can't be shelling out all these nine figure deals and act like this is going to last. The money's going to run out at some point. I do think the thing about golf to keep an eye on is you're just not gonna see the best players around the world anymore play at the PGA Tour. You're gonna see them siphoned off to the LIV or if anything ever came up next, but outside of the US Open or Masters, that's it. Those are the only events you'll see these guys come back and play together."
Jonas Knox: "When the first edition of the XFL came out years ago, they weren't really a threat to the NFL but there were certain things that the NFL took from that. 'Like okay, maybe we should put a camera there. Maybe we should implement some of this.' If anything, maybe this will rattle the cages of the PGA Tour, maybe they'll start doing some things that they see on the LIV Tour... It does feel a little outdated at times and maybe there's something they can take that'll jar them or put them in a place to where we got to start doing some different things to make more people interested because you can't just keep going back to the well, propping up Tiger Woods who's like the guy from Weekend at Bernie's at this point."
LaVar Arrington: "Why is the game still trying to stay relevant based off of him?"
Brady Quinn: "Well now they have to, they've got everyone leaving for the LIV Tour."