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Look to Fade the Buccaneers With Rob Gronkowski Finally Retiring

Photo: Emma McIntyre

Today on Straight Outta Vegas with RJ Bell, RJ and AJ Hoffman discuss future HoF Tight End Rob Gronkowski’s decision to retire a second time! The Buccaneers are currently the 2nd favorite to win Super Bowl LVII, but RJ think’s it’s a smart move to fade Tampa Bay now that Gronk has seemingly retired for good!

RJ Bell: “If I had to bet if Rob Gronkowski would play right now, I would strongly bet no. Though there is a chance, if you give me 10/1 I’ll say yes, but for the most part, we’re moving towards 85% to 95% he doesn’t play. I don’t think the Buccaneers are in the position that people think they are. I’m looking to fade them in the right spot because I think Gronk not playing tells you something!”