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The LIV Golf Series Isn't Taking Anything Away From The PGA Tour

Photo: Jared Tilton

Dan Beyer: “I seem to be in the minority that the PGA Tour is going to be alright. I just don’t see the staying power of the LIV Golf Series and the attention it can draw. I’m not head over heels that Brooks Koepka left. Today’s news is much ado about nothing in my mind.”
Mike Harmon: “Some of these guys leave to go to the LIV Tour, and someone has to rise to the top of the leaderboard of the PGA Tour. You start building their names and brand and hope to hell one or two have a good personality that you can have them become the guy that shows up all over the place transcend the game.”

Mike Harmon and Dan Beyer discuss Brooks Koepka moving over to the LIV Golf Series. Dan says the fans really only care about the Major Championships and the LIV series won’t be taking the allure of the PGA Tour away. Mike says while some players are heading to the LIV Golf Series, this only paves the way for another golfer to emerge on the PGA Tour!