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Doug Gottlieb: This Is as Good an NBA Draft as I’ve Seen

Photo: Sarah Stier

FOX Sports Radio Network Host and college basketball insider, Doug Gottlieb joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He’s bullish on this year’s NBA Draft class and thinks it’s going to be the best draft we’ve seen in 20 years. With potential stars deep into the first round as well as great depth of talent, tonight’s selections may make history.

Dan Patrick: “How would you label this draft?”

Doug Gottlieb: “This is as good a draft as we’ve had since I’ve been doing it. And I’ve been doing it since 2002, 2003...”

Dan: “Ok, but what makes this such a great draft?”

Doug: “You have the potential of stars at the top. Then you have a good group of players in which I think there’ll be a couple that emerge as stars, and then you have a great depth of players...I think you have just about everything. You got young players who are going to develop. You have some older players, a couple of foreign players but it’s not really the thrust of this draft. I just think it’s the depth of overall talent...”