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The Befuddling in Brooklyn

RJ BELL: "Is this an orchestrated effort to put pressure on Brooklyn? Because if you think about it, imagine if Kyrie doesn't get satisfied and Durant leaves. What does Brooklyn got? Absolutely nothing. They'd be the laughing-stock of the league."
AJ Hoffman: "Well at least they'll have Ben Simmons."
RJ Bell: "Hahaha well yeah. It would be all a big waste. The Nets were put on such a high pedestal to win their conference and go even further to win a title. This might be a wash for the Nets."
AJ Hoffman: "A lot of these teams who put together these 'designer teams' like the Lakers did, if you don't win a championship - then it's all for nothing."

RJ Bell and AJ Hoffman give the insides of what's unfolding in Brooklyn.