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Jason Smith: "Colin Kaepernick’s Workouts Are Strictly Business Moves"

Photo: Jaime Crawford

Jason Smith: “As questionable as Warren Sapp’s claim is, seeing the tape would put everything to rest. Every few months Colin Kaepernick gets a workout, and keeps his name in the mix. At this point, he’s been out of the league for as long as he was in the league, which is 6 years. He’s not getting back in the NFL. The reason he works out every few months, is to stay relevant and for his sponsors. You can’t tell me he’s training every single day and waiting for a call that never comes. At this point, his workouts for teams are to benefit all parties. The team gets good press for offering him a chance; Kaepernick keeps his name out there and his endorsements get to reaffirm that he’s relevant. What I’m referring to has nothing to do with him being blackballed, it’s just a conversation about the reality of the situation, and the business side of it. If Kaepernick was really that terrible, Warren Sapp wouldn’t have broken that news.”
Mike Harmon: “Six years later, people are still playing the whole, ‘Well, he’d be better than this guy,’ and that’s just not the case. Sure, I believe he’d be a good addition to an NFL roster, but we just haven’t seen much from him. If there was tape of this workout, then Kaepernick’s team could potentially silence this claim from Warren Sapp. But unfortunately, anytime we have seen tape of him working out, it’s pushed out and controlled by his team.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Warren Sapp’s claim that Colin Kaepernick’s workout was terrible. Jason and Mike feel that Kaepernick’s reason for working out is not to make a team, but to instead stay relevant.