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The Odd Couple: "Kudos to Brooklyn For Calling Kyrie Irving's Bluff"

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Rob Parker: “Like he had that many options, because this is the only thing that could’ve happened. It’s good to wipe the egg off your face, and pretend like this was your choice. Nobody else was going to touch him, and kudos to the Nets. The Nets basically dared him to opt out, and stayed firm by calling his bluff and refusing to reward him for blowing up their season last year. The Nets don’t owe him another dime; he needs to earn it on the court next year.”
Chris Broussard: “This was a game of chicken, and Kyrie blinked. His choices were to play for the Lakers for $6 million, or play for the Nets and make $36 million. Sounds like an easy choice for me, and he made the right one.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Kyrie Irving’s decision to re-sign his player option for next season, to stay with the Brooklyn Nets. Chris and Rob agree that Kyrie made the right choice because he had no other choice!