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Warren Sapp Says Colin Kaepernick's Raiders Workout Was a 'Disaster'

Warren Sapp did an interview with VLAD TV and spilled the beans on what may have really happened at Colin Kaepernick's workout with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Warren Sapp: "I heard it was a disaster. I heard it was one of the worst workouts ever. I'm wondering how the hell this happened and the tape didn't get out, right?"

Ben Maller reacts to Hall of Fame NFL player Warren Sapp's comments and explains why he's inclined to believe the Hall of Famer over Kaepernick's agent who came to Kaepernick's defense.

Ben Maller: "Warren Sapp who doesn't have any skin in the game regarding Kaepernick, he's out of the NFL and long removed from his playing days...Warren Sapp was just repeating the leftovers that he had been told by people close to the Las Vegas Raiders which was his former team...What makes you question the quality of the Kapernick workout and is a dead giveaway that something isn't right is that all of the workouts are recorded for posterity. He worked out on May 25th and it has been now 34 days since we had an embargo placed on whatever footage exists."