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There's No Way the Lakers Get Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics - Game Two

Photo: Getty Images

It was reported on Thursday that despite opting in to his 2022-23 player option with the Nets, Kyrie Irving is still trying to get to LA and team up with LeBron James as quickly as he possibly can. Ben Maller thinks there is very little chance of that actually happening.

Ben Maller: "The Laker roster is a collection of broken down old dudes. Now they're not old dudes in real life, but sports old dudes. Russell Westbrook or West-brick can't shoot and he thinks he's God's gift to basketball. They've got no meaningful draft picks until around the year 2030. It's a flop house at this point...In order to facilitate a trade between the Lakers and the Nets, you gotta have draft picks. You gotta have a couple of good young players. They have none of that."