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The Blame Pie Baking in Brooklyn

There is a lot of blame to go around in Brooklyn

Photo: Al Bello

Aaron Torres and Jason Martin reacted to the drama coming out of the Brooklyn Nets' camp as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are likely on the path to new scenery. The conversation not only focuses on the rise and fall of a what was supposed to be a super-team, it also puts a spotlight on Kevin Durant specifically, and the destruction he's brought upon the franchise for personal gain.

Jason Martin: "This is starting to become a bit of a trend with Kevin Durant, and as great of a player as he is, to me he is also one of the more unstable guys in the league, incredibly fickle, and hard to please..."
Aaron Torres: "I think Kevin Durant just mostly wants to hoop. I don't think he's doing this just to revel in the moment. I think he saw the writing on the wall with Kyrie and said, 'I'm bailing ship.' But I also agree with your point, Jason. I think he ruined this organization. And that's where my frustration comes in with him. It's one thing if you trade all the picks, and you do this and you do that, and it doesn't work out, but you're going to stay and be willing to ride it out and say, 'We shot our shot with James Harden and it didn't work...'"

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